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wood flooring industry Development
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PostNapisane: 9 mar 2018, o 08:15 

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<p>market nothing more, their technology or their, <a href=''>Tongue and Groove Trex</a>and China did not learn much; Fulin 07 years in Dongguan also established a first-class R & D and production base in Asia, also introduced Mannington senior R & D personnel, but from the annual sales point of view the proportion of R & D expenses also very limited,Covering for Old Ugly Concrete the emphasis on research and development is still relatively small. Although the annual sales volume of the Chinese floor </p>
<p>has exceeded 400 million square meters,<a href="">eco friendly materials floor</a> over half of them are foreign OEMs and low-cost exports. To become a strong international brand, they still need to continue to develop while growing abroad R & D efforts to enhance the technical content of products is particularly important. (2) brand concept is not strong.georgian wpc front doors It appears that the development of Chinese enterprises is in a stage of strong brand development. However, some </p>
<p>enterprises are still in the process of large-scale development in the first phase of enterprise development, and they focus on the production of light brands.<a href=''>Composite Decking Materials and Labor Norway</a> China's DVD exports to the United States is 35 US dollars a, but the actual profit is only 1 US dollar; China's watch exports to Europe is 12 euros,build a leaning bench on a deck while the European watch exports to China but to 1200 euros, a far cry, and this is the brand effect at play . According to the statistics of </p>

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Utwórz nowy wątek Odpowiedz w wątku  [ Posty: 1 ] 

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