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Every couple jokes about their “list”. The list of celebrities that your significant other can sleep with without it being considered cheating Greg Gaines Jersey , and it’s something the other person has to agree with that it’s ok. Your list probably has hotties like Anna Kendrick, Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario, but her list is probably filled with athletes; and as athletes go, football players usually top the list.Now “the list” is always a fun little game to play because most people aren’t ever face to face with the celebrities they listed, and even if they are Christian Wilkins Jersey , it’s not like your girl will actually run away with someone, right? When it comes to NFL players, you would think most of them are pretty decent dudes who would have enough respect for you to not try and steal your girl, but you can’t trust everyone. For every J.J. Watt who seems to know and respect every person he ever meets, there’s a few players you wouldn’t want your girl being within 50 feet of.These kind of players are the ones who give a little extra shove after a tackle; they’re the kind of players who have a bit too much contact with the receiver after five yards; they’re the ones who yell at the coach that the QB didn’t throw to them (even though the defense was out on the field) and they are definitely the ones who would steal your girl right from under you. With the NFL regular season now officially in the books , and the playoffs underway, we decided to take a break from the action and take a look at the each team postseason bound or not, is missing as they move forward. As you can imagine, for some teams their needs were easy to find (I'm looking at you Ravens, Cowboys Garrett Bradbury Jersey , and 49ers) while other squads were a bit harder (Hi there, Cardinals, Bengals, and Panthers.)The NFL owners and GMs seem to be getting more impatient than ever with their coaches and players on their roster. The Browns are looking for their fourth head coach in seven seasons and owner Jimmy Haslam has "cleaned house" for the third time, despite owning the team for little more than three years. The Tennessee Titans are looking for their third head coach since 2010. This is after having Jeff Fisher as their head coach for 15 years Noah Fant Jersey , which is quite the dramatic change of culture in Nashville.The league constantly competes against each other to get better every offseason. Standing pat often results in a team taking a step back, due to others catching up. Changing too much can also cause a disaster, as we saw in Philadelphia this past season. It's a delicate balance in fulfilling needs, yet not disrupting the core a team has built. However, this list is all about picking out an indisputable need for every team , one that they need to fulfill to become a better team. Even the Super Bowl champion has needs to fulfill and ignoring it could result in a setback season. These are the needs every team's fanbase would want to see their team meet.We here at TheSportster present to you our readers, the Biggest Offseason Needs For All 32 NFL Teams.

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Utwórz nowy wątek Odpowiedz w wątku  [ Posty: 1 ] 

Strefa czasowa: UTC

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