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There have been all kinds of theories and
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No professional sports league or organization is immune from wild conspiracy theories that may or may not be valid Kendall Sheffield Jersey , and that is true as it pertains to the National Football League. and also that the NFL has favored teams over others in certain situations. There is, in fact, even one website dedicated to the notion that games and other circumstances associated with the biggest sports league in North America are all pre-determined by powerful individuals working behind the scenes. Maybe, for all we know, the NFL is just one big reality television program.The majority of the NFL conspiracy theories that might actually be true spotlighted in this post are John Cominsky Jersey , for the most part, lighthearted and deal only with the outcomes of football games that are relatively meaningless in the grand scheme of things. However, the idea that the NFL purposely attempted to hide information about player safety from athletes and the public is a serious accusation, and it's one that gets more and more believable with each year and every new investigative story about the matter. Knowing all that we have learned about that topic over the past ten years, one has to wonder what else NFL executives have allegedly covered up about league happenings. Maybe it isn't all that hard to believe a billion-dollar coporation would not leave things up to chance. Nine finalists have been chosen by the NFL, the Mayo Clinic and Comcast NBCUniversal in the league’s annual startup competition to spur novel advancements in athletes’ safety and performance.

Dubbed 1st and Future, entrepreneurs and innovators will compete in three categories: advancements in protective equipment; technology to improve athletic performance; and new therapies to speed recovery. One winner from each category will be selected by a panel of judges comprised of former NFL players, entrepreneurs and medical experts.

The winning team from each category will receive a $50 Qadree Ollison Jersey ,000 check from the NFL and two tickets to Super Bowl 52.

The finalists are:

Advancements in Protective Equipment

Exero Labs of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, which has developed a patent-pending concept for a leaf spring device that attaches to the front of football helmets and deforms on impact to help absorb and diffuse impact forces.

Impressio, Inc., Denver, utilizes liquid-crystal elastomers (LCEs) to create liner materials for protective equipment designed to overcome the existing challenges of energy absorption in current helmet foams.

VyaTek Sports, Inc., of Cave Creek Ed Oliver Jersey , Arizona, is developing a new system called ZORBZ-a series of replaceable energy-absorbing modules fitted to the exterior of a helmet.

New Therapies to Speed Recovery

Cartilage Repair Systems LLC of New York aims to advance the treatment of cartilage injuries using a patented process to create new cartilage from a patient’s own cartilage and bone marrow cells in a single surgery, with the goal to shorten recovery times.

EyeGuide, Inc. of Philadelphia and Lubbock, Texas, a proprietary hardware and software eye-tracking platform designed to allow professionals to easily administer a simple 10-second test to check for potential neurological impairment.

RecoverX of Mountain View, California, has Element Cody Ford Jersey , a connected device that can achieve the optimum cold or hot therapy temperatures without any ice or water, designed to allow users more freedom for their therapy.

Technology to Improve Athletic Performance

Aladdin Dreamer, Inc. of Paradise Valley, Arizona, whose patented wearable is designed to improve athlete recovery and performance through biometric tracking and sleep enhancement. of Toronto is an athlete development platform that leverages patent-pending computer vision and augmented reality to transform the camera on any mobile device into a versatile tool that captures human motion, measures athletic abilities and evaluates injury risk.

Xensr, Inc. of Green Bay, Wisconsin has Konect Sports technology Devin Singletary Jersey , an end-to-end three-dimensional motion tracking, training and quantification system designed to provide real-time athlete performance data and train athletes to have faster reflexive responses.

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